CSM supplies the Thermomass® System with several different rigid insulation choices depending on various project specifications and requirements, including non-combustible solutions to comply with UK Building Regulations. To learn more about each product, please read below. If you require a datasheet on a thermal insulation product, please contact us

CSM PE-PIR Thermal Insulation

CSM PE-PIR Thermal insulation is a is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation consisting of a high-performance concrete resisting foil faced Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation foam core and has a certified Lambda (thermal conductivity) value as low as 0.022 W/mK.




FOAMGLAS® is a leader in cellular glass insulation. With a European Fire Classification of A1, it is a high-performance, non-combustible and durable insulation material composed of millions of 100% closed glass cells. FOAMGLAS® is the premium insulation solution for non-combustible concrete sandwich walls, it is waterproof so no extra protection is required in storage or in use, it is impervious to water vapour, and has a time tested permanence of insulation. The grade of FOAMGLAS® that CSM supply is for exclusive use with the Thermomass® System.

TROK® Stone Wool

TROK® Stone Wool is the cost-effective non-combustible solution for concrete sandwich walls, exclusively made for CSM. This insulation is made from molten mineral stone, a renewable and plentiful naturally occurring resource, providing panels with not only the benefits of Thermomass®, but also the compressive resistance required for concrete pouring, increased vapour resistance to ensure a low U Value panel and, most importantly, a European Fire Classification of A1.


CSM Phenolic Thermal Insulation


CSM Phenolic thermal insulation is a superior performance insulation with an enhanced fire classification. It is faced with low emissivity concrete resisting foil facings on both sides and has a Lambda value as low as 0.020 W/mK.

CSM GEPS Thermal Insulation

CSM GEPS is a Graphite Expanded Polystyrene product which has an strong history of performance as a rigid insulation material. It features a long-term, stable insulating performance and excellent moisture resistance, resulting in no corrosion, rot, mould growth, or reduction in long term R-value.


ARC® Cavity Stop Socks

ARC Cavity Stop Socks have been designed to restrict the spread of smoke and flames within external masonry walls, and to further minimise the effect of flanking noise pollution at wall junctions. They have a European Fire Classification of A1 and are produced from low resin, non-combustible mineral wool and sleeved in polythene for on-site protection.

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