CSM are considered by our customers as partners in their business. As part of the Thermomass® System, we provide our customers with an unparalleled quality of service and technical expertise.

The service and expertise CSM provide is detailed below.

Thermal Calculation Services

CSM provide thermal calculation services to our customers when they are specifying for projects. We work together with our customers to calculate U values, dew points and interstitial condensation and average/weighted U values in a timely manner to ensure our customers have the best chance to be contracted for a project when at tender and then supported afterwards through to completion.

Impartial Façade Design Advice

CSM provides the highest quality insulation for our customers. We understand that different projects will have varying budgets and specifications. As part of our service, we offer impartial façade design advice suggesting the best rigid insulation materials to use given the required U value and fire-resistance for a project. Each thermal insulation product we provide is made specifically for CSM by multiple suppliers to ensure all projects have certainty of cost and programme.

Detailing Services

CSM will offer detailing services to customers on projects which include plotting Thermomass® System connectors centres in relation to live or static loads and thermal insulation thickness, helping in the design to meet aesthetic design criteria, connector design advice and checking drawings given panel dimensions and specifications.

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