• More efficient
  • More sustainable
  • No post pointing required
  • More durable
  • Less leakage
  • Fewer patches
  • Lower labour costs
  • Less power washing
  • Easier to clean
  • Less scrubbing
  • Faster construction
  • Lower skill levels required
  • Quicker to clean
  • Looks better when finished
  • More secure and improved impact resistance when finished.
  • Safer on site, with no scaffolding and fewer site movements.
  • Certainty of programme, certainty of cost.


Edge strips
A bucket handle edge joint strip to fit around the edges of the bricks helps to complete the “finished” look

Edge Joint Strip Edge joint strip joint example image

Textured liners
Textured liners can be provided for the fast finished look with little repetition.

Textured brick effect liner 1 Textured brick effect liner 2

Specialist sizes and patterns made to order
Any brick or tile size can be made to order in any pattern or bond see the installation guide for possible formats. See the Drawings page for current available sizes and patterns.

Window details and arches are all possible, see Case Studies page.


Versaliner split face thin block placement system

Versaliner split face thin block placement system is designed to enable the construction of a wall which looks just like a mason constructed wall but with Certainty of programme and certainty of cost.

Versaliner thin block placement


  • The system comes as two parts, one forms the joints, the other allows the placement of an uneven surface which then compresses to the wall surface is flat.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Deep mortar joints to replicate the mason effect.
  • Precision engineered system allows tight nesting for reduced leakage.
  • Reduced embodied energy compared to full sized blocks
  • No post pointing required
  • Improved health and safety with the reduced people movements on site and no scaffolding

Installation guide can be viewed here.