Thermomass manufactures a full line of concrete insulation systems for use in plant precast, tilt-up, and cast-in-place projects. With over 30 years of experience, we are the industry leader in concrete sandwich wall technology and can help you create walls that maximize energy-efficiency, durability and performance.

Over 80 million m2 of the system used worldwide, it is also the most tested connectors system for use with concrete; this is a system you can have faith in.

Thermomass insulation systems comprise of high-strength, non-conductive fibre composite connectors and rigid thermal insulation designed to meet the needs of modern building design and applications. Thermomass panels retain 99% of their insulation value.


Thermograph comparing concrete and steel with Thermomass

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Factory made precast

Thermomass is available in a range of connectors for use in different methods of concrete manufacture.


Non-Composite panels made in a factory or tilted up on site.

Thermomass System NC creates a non-composite insulated concrete sandwich wall where one layer of concrete is the structural element and the other is an architectural wythe. This system is ideal for any kind of structure from homes to high-rises.

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Casting on site, Plymouth U.K.
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Lifting on site Plymouth, U.K.
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Structurally composite panels

Thermomass System SC is a patented insulation system designed to create a structurally-composite concrete sandwich wall. Since both layers of concrete act in unison, the walls are typically thinner and lighter. This is ideal for ambient temperature warehouses, sports halls and the like.

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Placing c-bar composite connectors
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Cast in place walls
System CIP is designed for cast-in-place concrete walls. It is unique in that it allows a concrete contractor to integrate a layer of insulation into a vertically cast concrete wall using their traditional forming equipment and construction practices. This is great for foundations, stem-walls, and custom homes as well as larger public buildings.

Forms in position
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Connectors and insulation placed
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Modular precast

Modular precast construction allows designers and contractors to build a facility room by room with quality controlled concrete units. Units are outfitted with windows, doors, plumbing and HVAC systems before being erected. This quick method of construction is ideal for correctional facilities and dormitories on a larger scale.

Completed unit being lowered into position
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Double wall panels

System DW was developed specifically for the European double-wall market. With its lightweight design, it is a popular choice for residential and commercial structures. In North America, it is growing in popularity due to the need to create economical and efficient structures.

Transporting double wall panels
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Double wall panels work in progress
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All these methods of construction share the same basic connection and the same advantages related to a complete absence of thermal bridges.