GFT Thermico is a unique thermal bridge-free façade sub-structure and support system.
Designed for use with either horizontal or vertical support systems.

Vertikal Thermico

Horizontal Thermico


Advantages of Thermico

Thermico incorporates highly engineered aluminium and a patented thermally efficient pultrusion of 460,000 epoxy coated polycarbonate fibres to provide an immensely strong and accurate support system, similar to that of traditional aluminium support systems.

Because no energy escapes from the support system, the thermal insulation thickness can be reduced by up to 40% saving on thermal insulation cost.

A reduction in external wall thickness will make more efficient use of the footprint of the building, this means that the lettable area will be increased, or better use will be made of the building ground.

Thermico is proven to work and meet design needs by testing or by calculation, this provides all round reliability with no thermal bridges.
Thermico has a proven track record.

Any over-cladding, or rainscreen system can be supported using Thermico from aluminium, steel, copper, zinc and other metals systems including insulated sandwich panels, to timber, GRP, GRC, marble and stone, terracotta and brick façade systems.